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Rebuy Tournaments

Rebuys and Add-ons
In December, we will be introducing rebuys and add-ons in many of our multi-table tournaments and satellite qualifiers.

What is a rebuy?
A rebuy is a tournament where you can buy more chips for a fee. In some tournaments, you may need to reach zero chips to be eligible for a rebuy. In others, you may rebuy any time your stack is below a certain chip level. Rebuy tournaments will allow a single rebuy, multiple rebuys, or unlimited rebuys. The rebuy period will take place prior to the first break in a tournament.

What is an add-on?
During the first break, players will be able to perform an add-on for more chips. An add-on allows a player to purchase even more chips for a fee, but without the same restrictions as a rebuy. Some tournaments will offer double and triple add - ons for double and triple the chips!

How do I know if rebuys and add-ons are allowed?
You will know if a tournament is a rebuy tournament when the name includes “rebuy”. The main lobby will display the number of rebuys and add-ons allowed in the summary area, and a full description will appear in the tournament lobby.

Satellite Rebuys
More prize money in a satellite means more seats for the big tournament! Players can qualify for large events through satellite rebuy tournaments, where the extra rebuy and add-on cash goes towards additional seats. These tournaments are a great value because you only pay a fee on your initial buy- in.

Further information
The prize pool distribution for rebuy and add-on tournaments will not be calculated until both the rebuy and add-on period has ended. Only the total prize pool figure will be displayed
until the add-on period is over.

You can request a rebuy by clicking on the 'Rebuy' button on the game screen. If you lose all your chips, the rebuy option will appear (if you are eligible). You will have 22 seconds to decide whether you want to rebuy or not. If you choose not to rebuy, you will be eliminated from the tournament.

When a tournament starts, you will see stack details, as well as the following information:
• Cost of rebuy and number of chips per rebuy
• Cost of add-on and number of chips per add-on

Exception in rebuy and add-on tournaments
If a player is eliminated from the tournament at a rank that has a prize associated with it, even though the prize pool is not published, then the rebuy and add-on period will be closed. The prize pool will be published and the eliminated player will be paid his prize money.

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