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Speed Hold'em

Speed Hold’em Poker is one of the most exciting releases SunPoker has ever had. It is a lightning-fast poker game that we offer in both Texas Holdem and Omaha tables. This is the only Poker game that keeps you in the action at all times. Instead of sitting around and waiting on a hand, you have the ability to instant fold and move to a brand new hand being played. No more waiting around on the other players to act. How this is done is each Speed Hold’em table puts you in a large player pool of other Poker Players so that as soon as you fold or complete a hand, you are brought to a new table immediately with a different set of players and dealt a new hand. No more waiting around for a hand to play!

How does Speed Hold’em work?

  • Joining a Speed Hold’em table enters you into a large player pool

  • You can fold anytime you wish no matter if it is your turn to act or not.

  • When you fold, you are immediately brought to a new table with a new hand.

  • You will face a different set of players each new hand.

Click Here to download SunPoker and try your skill at our Speed Hold’em tables. This is an extremely exciting game that you just have to try!

More Notes about SunPoker’s Speed Hold’em:

  • The “Speed Fold” button on the bottom of Speed Hold’em tables moves you to another table and a new hand instantly, even if it is not your turn to act. You can click this button at anytime as long as you face a bet. The click cannot be undone.

  • When you first start a Speed Hold’em session you will most likely be put into the big blind. Once you complete that hand, the next hand you play, the big blind will go towards the player at the new table that has gone the longest without posting a blind. This creates an even playing field when it comes to table position.

  • Your amount of time to act is the same at Speed Hold’em tables as it is at any other normal poker table. Your time bank will be filled at the start of each new hand. During pre-flop play, if it is your turn to act and no players have raised in front of you, your decision time will be shortened and will not have the option to activate your time bank.

  • You can enter a table up to 4 times each stake, which allows you to play 4 Speed Hold’em tables at once PER stake.

  • SunPoker points are rewarded the same at Speed Hold’em tables as they would be at a normal poker game at the specific stake. For more information on how SunPoker points are earned click here.

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