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SunPoker is proud to reveal our updated VIP Program Shine!

Sunpoker is pleased to release an updated Loyalty program titled Shine. Starting March 1st SunPoker will take its already brilliant Vip Program and take it to the next level! This fantastic VIP program was designed to allow players at ANY level to achieve great return and always have a more rewarding level within their reach. There has never been a better time to Shine at Sunpoker.

You automatically become a member once you play your first cash game. The club recognizes loyal customers with cash prizes and special promotions. Your "Shine Points "accumulate fast and payouts are even faster.

How it works:

Once you attain the required amount of Shine Points in a month for any level, you'll receive all the benefits of that level offers. To maintain the level for the following month all you have to do is achieve the minimum points to achieve that level. But keep in mind since you have elevated your VIP level, you will be earning more points for your play so maintaining that level is easy!

Shine Points can be cashed in at different levels depending on your VIP level. Please see below to see these levels. When cashed in Shine Points will be deducted from point balance but won't affect your loyalty level.
Cash them in whenever you want... there is no waiting for the end of the month to receive your cash back. Points are earned as you contribute to a pot in real money game.

Points given Per $1 in Rake or Tournament Fees   Minimum Points to Achieve to reach each level
VIP Level 1 81.30   VIP Level 1 0
VIP Level 2 89.43   VIP Level 2 75
VIP Level 3 97.56   VIP Level 3 300
VIP Level 4 130.08   VIP Level 4 1,250
VIP Level 5 162.60   VIP Level 5 30,000
VIP Level 6 195.12   VIP Level 6 60,000
VIP Level 7 243.90   VIP Level 7 120,000
VIP Level 8 325.20   VIP Level 8 325,000
VIP Level 9 406.50   VIP Level 9 1,000,000
VIP Level 10 495.93   VIP Level 10 Invitation Only

Each Month we will use an average currency conversion rate and apply it to players playing on EUR and GBP tables so that their returns are almost exact to players playing on USD tables!

  * You must re-qualify every month to keep your status.

Point Conversion to Cash

All point to cash conversions will be done with a minimum of $5 chunks. For example, if you are a VIP level 5 player you must have a minimum of 5000 points in order to convert them to cash (5000 points at 1000 per $1). However there is NO maximums!

VIP Level Points Per $1 Minimum Chunk
VIP Level 1 3000 $5
VIP Level 2 2500 $5
VIP Level 3 1500 $5
VIP Level 4 1000 $5
VIP Level 5 1000 $5
VIP Level 6 1000 $5
VIP Level 7 1000 $5
VIP Level 8 1000 $5
VIP Level 9 1000 $5
VIP Level 10 1000 $5

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