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£1800 VIP Package
Play at the Gosvenor Casino Aug. 18 - 22
Satellites run from July 11 - Aug 8
Satellites start as low as £7 and £99
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Grosvenor UK Poker Tour - Luton

The popular and prestigious GUKPT series is back on the 2011 circuit and SunPoker has your ticket to the next stop!

GUKPT stops have proven popular with players thanks to the reasonable buy-ins and handsome payouts! Players compete against many of the UK and Europes finest for prize pools up to £500,000! The Grosvenor UK Poker Tour brings live tournaments to venues closer to you allowing you the thrilling experience of live poker and the chance to win life changing amounts of money!

SunPoker’s next GUKPT stop: Luton


Join team SunPoker for Leg 4 of the GUKPT in Luton, home to the famous Blue Square Premier team “Luton Town Football Club,” from August 18th to August 22nd 2011!

SunPoker will run an ongoing super satellite promotion to Luton starting July 5th 2011 until August 8th 2011 offering VIP Packages valued at £1,800 each.

The package includes:

  • £1,000 + £70 buy-in to the Main Event, Aug 19th – Aug 21st, 2011.
  • £284 for 4 night’s accommodation at the Days Hotel Aug 18th – Aug 22nd, 2011.
  • £30 for registration fees.
  • £416 for flights and spending.

This year the GUKPT Luton will be held at the Grosvenor G Casino in Luton, starting August 19th until the 21st.

Satellites Schedule

To qualify for a prize package, take part in satellite events that run throughout the week:
Connect to your SunPoker account click on GUKPT Luton under the Land Based option for the complete list of satellies.

  • Super Satellites are staged every Monday at 20:00.
  • First Super Satellite takes place July 11th, 2011.
  • Last Super Satellite takes place August 8th, 2011.

Date Time (GMT+1) Tournament Name Buy-In
Monday 20:00 GUKPT Luton £90 + £9 freezeout

Ongoing Satellites

  • Satellites will start on July 5th, 2011

Date Time (GMT+1) Tournament Name Buy-In
Ongoing - Stage 1 Satellite £49.50 + £2.5 (HU)
Ongoing - Stage 1 Satellite £19.80 + £1.9 (5 players)
Ongoing - Stage 1 Satellite £9.90 + £0.9 (10 players)
Daily 09:05 Stage 1 Satellite £13 + £1.3 Freezeout
Daily 11:20 Stage 1 Satellite £7 + £0.7 Turbo R/A
Daily 15:25 Stage 1 Satellite £15 + £1.5 reezeout
Daily 17:30 Stage 1 Satellite £9+ £0.9Turbo R/A
Daily 19:45 Stage 1 Satellite £13 + £1.3 Freezeout
Saturdays 21:50 Stage 1 Satellite £7 + £0.7 Speed R/A

Terms and Conditions

SunPoker Super Satellite Tournament Terms and Conditions:

By playing or winning the GUKPT super satellite you declare that you are ready and able to travel to Luton in order to play at the GUKPT Main Event. This includes any and all documents required for travel to the destination.

1. First prizes at Super Satellites are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be converted to cash.

2. Any individual player can win only one seat at a Super Satellite and the corresponding mainland Main Event.

3. Participants in Super Satellites must be at least 18 years of age, unless specified differently. Participants in GUKPT must be at least 21 years of age.

4. Players are responsible to have a valid passport and all other documentation necessary to participate in mainland poker tournaments.

5. Players from the same IP address, or from the same household, are not eligible to participate in Super Satellite promotions.

6. A player found trying to enter with more than one account into a tournament will not be eligible for Super Satellite promotions.

7. The use of offensive language at the poker tournaments will disqualify a player from participating in Super Satellite promotions.

8. Any player found colluding during the course of a tournament will be disqualified and his account will be frozen.

9. Any player found to be "soft playing" in order to allow another player to win during the course of a tournament will have his account frozen.

10. Any withdrawals made on any winnings at the tournaments are subject to SunPoker's standard withdrawal procedure and collusion check.

11. By qualifying for Super Satellite promotions, players agree that their real names, aliases, images, moving images, spoken/written quotes and/or amounts won, can be used for online and offline promotional purposes, including Buzz Magazine - a quarterly issued publication which is circulated across Europe.

12. By entering the Super Satellite promotions, players agree that, should they win a mainland poker tournament seat, they will wear SunPoker apparel (hats and/or T-Shirts) in accordance with the instructions of SunPoker management.

13. SunPoker shall in no way be liable for any injuries, losses, damages or expenses suffered or incurred by any winner of a Super Satellite Package as a direct or indirect result of accepting the mainland poker tournament seat.

14. All decisions made by the SunPoker management are final.

15. SunPoker cannot advise on the tax position of winners, as some jurisdictions treat poker wins as tax free, while in other jurisdictions such proceeds are taxable. If the winnings are taxable in a player's jurisdiction, the player is solely responsible to keep track of and report his/her winnings to the appropriate authorities. Likewise, SunPoker cannot advise on whether the playing of poker over the Internet is lawful in a player's jurisdiction.

16. SunPoker has the right to stop its promotions, or change their conditions at any time.

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