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No Limit Hold’Em Cash Point Leaderboards






Terms and conditions

1. The promotion will include only No Limit Hold’em cash tables.

2. Registration:

a. The registration period will commence on March 19th until September 22nd.
b. The scores will be counted for the same week only if the players registered until 1 day prior to the end of that week.

For example: a player who registered on April 12th is counted in the promotion for the periods starting on April 9th. A player who registered on April 15th is counted in the promotion starting April 16th, which is the new week’s cycle.

c. Registration to the promotion will be done through “No Play” SNGs in the lobby.

3. Qualified hands are counted when the below terms are reached.

a. The flop was dealt.
b. There are 3 players or more participating in the hand after the flop was dealt.

4. The points will be counted for consecutive qualified hands as per the daily maximum allowed. Consecutive hands meaning from the 1st qualified hand of the day until reaching the maximum daily allowed as per the stake.

For example: in the Mid-High, if a player played 80 qualified hands in one day, only his first 60 qualified hands will be counted.

5. The qualified hands will be counted per stake separately.

6. The counting period of each day will be from 00:00 GMT until 23:59 GMT. Each qualified hand will be counted by end date.

7. Players who will be positioned with the same number of points will get the average prize of their positions.

For example: in the Micro stake, if the players in the 14th and the 15th places have the same number of points they will get $200 each (an average of $220 and $180).

8. A player, who will be positioned in the bubble but will have the same number of points as the last player in the leaderboard, will get the same prize.

For example: in the Micro stake, if the 401st place gets the same points as the 400th place, both players will get $2.

9. Prizes will be paid within 48 hours from the end of each week.

10. SunPoker reserves the right to refuse payment to any player which is found colluding/slow playing

11. Qualified hands from GBP and EUR tables will be regarded as regular tables.

For example: a qualified hand from a €1/€2 table will be entered into the $1/$2 leaderboard.

12. Incase of a draw

a. Each losing player will get 2 points for his participation.

b. Each winner will get points as per the following formula:
Number of participants -1+2 x (number of winners-1)
Number of winners

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