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Newsletter: Volume 3 - Issue 7 News

Jackpots at SunPoker!

Whether playing poker online or land based, cashing in a win is a great feeling, but cashing in a Jackpot is an even greater feeling…here at SunPoker we offer four Sit ‘n’ Go Jackpots every day!

Fort Knox Jackpot Sit 'n' Go

As our most popular jackpot game, Fort Knox progressive amount is now up to - $87,500.00

To win this jackpot all you have to do is finish 1st in six consecutive STTs and you’ll win $50,000 plus the progressive amount Finish 1st or 2nd in 6 consecutive tournaments and win $750. Buy-in to the Fort Knox Jackpot games are set at $50+$9 Jackpot increases by $10,000 each week until won.

Rio Jackpot Sit 'n' Go

The Rio Jackpot holds the highest hitting rate out of the four games, as of today the progressive jackpot is up to $30,000.00

Finish 1st in six consecutive STTs and win $25,000 plus the progressive amount.
Finish 1st or 2nd in 6 consecutive tournaments and win $300.
Buy-in: $20+$3.50
Jackpot increases by $10,000 each week until won.

Maui Jackpot Sit 'n' Go

Sometimes you need a bit of colour in your life and the Maui Jackpot festive feel offers exactly that with a progressive jackpot up to $15,000.00 this week!

Finish 1st in five consecutive STTs and win $15,000 plus the progressive amount.
Finish 1st or 2nd in 5 consecutive tournaments and win $200.
Buy-in: $5+$1
Jackpot increases by $3,500 each week until won.

Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit 'n' Go

Dirty Dozen is our simple jackpot game, making it fun, quick and cashable at any day! Currently the jackpot is at $2000.00

Finish 1st in four consecutive STTs and win $2,000.
Buy-in: $2+$0.40

SunPoker’s jackpot games can be located under the Sit ‘n’ Go tab of the SunPoker software, simply connect, select your game and play away! Why not play to hit the extra bargain prizes!

Tournament News


Austrian DeepStack Next Stop

The holiday resort of the Costa Brava is the latest idyllic setting to the now legendary Austrian DeepStack Open tour. SunPoker wants you to take advantage of the Catalan hospitality while playing your way, through one of our full VIP Package.

Daily satellites to the DeepStack Costa Brava have already started for as low as €0.50 + €0.05 and your first Super Satellite is this Monday, February 21st at 21:30 GMT

For a Buy In of just €40.00 + €4.00 you can be on your way to Costa Brava with a full VIP Package that includes;

  • €500 + €50 Buy In to the Main Event. 50,000 chips.
  • €180 for 4 nights’ accommodation at the Selva Mar Hotel, March 31st – April 4th, 2011.
  • €155 for flights and spending.
  • €15 Handling Fees

To register for the next DeepStack satellites, simply connect to your SunPoker account and locate the tournaments under the “Land Based” tournament section of the software.

SunPoker is proud to continue providing you with endless traveling and live tournament play in the poker world!


Poker Around the World


Kentucky Native wins WSOPC

There were 480 players who entered the $1,600 no-limit hold’em main event at the World Series of Poker Circuit Tunica stop and on the final day of play just nine remained in the hunt for the top prize worth $148,612 and a WSOP Circuit gold ring.

As the final table commerce all eyes were on Kurt Jewell, who was looking for his second Gold Ring in the past six months on the WSOP Circuit Series, having won the Main Event in Hammond, Indiana back in October. But out of no where, the poker pro title was stanched away by Kentucky native Sam Barnhart who would walk away with the Gold Ring and $148,162 in prize-money.

In addition to the title and large sum of cash, Barnhart also earned himself an entry into the $1 million WSOP Circuit Series freeroll tournament that will take place in May at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada –just prior to the World Series of Poker.

Here is a look at how the final table fared at the WSOP-C stop on Tunica, Mississippi courtesy of the live reporting team at

·    1st Sam Barnhart Little Rock, AR — $148,612
·    2nd Jesse White Billings, MT — $91,881
·    3rd Mary Harden Ooltewah, TN — $67,122
·    4th Brian Burney Branson, MO — $49,759
·    5th Marco Palacios Austin, TX — $37,422
·    6th John Nguyen Fairview Heights, IL — $28,547
·    7th Preston Derden Houston, TX — $4,623
·    8th Kurt Jewell Frankfurt, KY — $17,328
·    9th John Holley Destin, FL — $13,789


Message from the CEO

Congratulations to SunPoker’s very own BERTONEC for winning the first MTT Quarterly Freeroll on Sunday 13th February. 

BERTONEC now gets to enjoy a full $14,000.00 VIP package to the 2011 WSOP or any other land based tournament of his choice!

There are 19 other packaged to be won and you could be next!

Message from the CEO

Reasons to Raise

Most players think that you should only raise when you have a good hand or you want to win more money. This holds truth to it, but there are many other reasons to raise and to be a winning player you need to know what you want to get from a raise and if it is working.

There are 4 major reasons to raise:
1. To get more money from your hand.
2. To eliminate players.
3. To get a “Free” card.
4. To gain information.

1. To get more money from your hand.
This is the most obvious reason to raise a pot, when you feel you have the best hand you’re going to raise in order to try and get more money in the pot, thus increasing the possibility of a large win.

2. To eliminate players.
This is a pretty simple concept as well also a good reason to raise with AA or KK; you want to get people out before they can see the flop. AA and KK do very well against a few people but against a lot of people there’s a good chance you will loose after all 5 cards come out. Another time when you might raise to eliminate players is when you flop top pair, example: You hold AK and the flop comes 9 10 K, you now have top pair with the best kicker, this is the right time to raise in hopes of getting people out and running the risk be being beaten by a higher hand such as 2 pair, a straight, or a flush.

3. To get a “Free” card.
Well you don’t get it for free but it costs you less. You would raise to get a free card if you flop and open ended straight draw or flush draw and were in a later position. See if you were playing 3-6 and you raised on the flop you would put an extra 3 dollars but in most cases the other player or players will check to you assuming you have a better hand. This saves you from calling a 6 dollar bet on the turn; instead you get it for free. You might also want to raise the flop in late position when you have top pair and a weak kicker or mid pair with a good kicker.

4. To gain information.
This is a more complex reason to raise, this move works best on or before the flop;
Before the flop you don’t know anything about a players hand, by raising a player that folds obviously has a weaker hand than yours but a player who calls or re-raises has a hand just as good if not better than yours. Now let’s say after the flop you have a pair of aces with a 7 kicker, and your opponent bets into you, if you call you couldn’t really tell how big of a hand he has but if you raise him and he re-raises, you are probably beat at least with a better kicker. This is a way to actually save money; if you called all the way down to see his AK then you would’ve lost a lot more than you have to.
Next times you play on SunPoker have a notebook right in front of you, every time you make a raise write down the main reason for raising, then write down if it was successful or not. After you have about 25 entries for each of the 4 reasons look through your records and find out what were the reasons for raising the most positive results. This will help you decide when you should raise or not. It is a good idea to do this activity every so often to help you then get into a pattern of knowing the right times to raise.





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