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Newsletter: Volume 3 - Issue 6 News

This is your chance to Double UP on your winnings! 
On February 14th - February 28th 2011, SunPoker will be hosting a 15 Day Double Up SNGs promotion valued at $70,000!

The 15 day promotion will rank all Double Up SNG players via two weekly $30,000 leader boards and one $40,000 inclusive overall leader board and all you have to do is play your favorite Double Up games!

The calculation process to the leader board ranks is simple;
3 categories; Micro – Mid Low – High
Points are then calculated based on the Double Up SNGs buy-in cost (stakes), level of Double Up SNG’s played along with finishing performance in the double up tournaments.

With the calculation periods being;
First:                February 14th 00:00 – February 20th 23:59.
Second:            February 21st 00:00 – February 28th 23:59.
Final:               February 14th 00:00 – February 28th 23:59.

Pay Out Structure:

Weekly $30,000 Leader Board


$1 - $5
  $50 and up
Place Prize   Place Prize   Place Prize
1st $500.00   1st $1,500.00   1st $3,500.00
2nd $300.00   2nd $1,200.00   2nd $2,700.00
3rd $210.00   3rd $900.00   3rd $1,800.00
4th $150.00   4th $600.00   4th $1,200.00
5th $120.00   5th $540.00   5th $1,050.00
6th $105.00   6th $420.00   6th $750.00
7th $75.00   7th $360.00   7th $600.00
8th $60.00   8th $300.00   8th $540.00
9th $54.00   9th $240.00   9th $450.00
10th $48.00   10th $180.00   10th $270.00
11th-20th $37.00   11th-20th $90.00   11th-20th $210.00
21st-30th $24.00   21st-30th $60.00   21st-30th $120.00
31st-75th $12.00   31st-40th $45.00   31st-40th $90.00
76th-150th $6.00   41st-50th $33.00   41st-50th $60.00
      51st-75th $24.00      


Inclusive Final Leaderboard

Players will also be group-ranked by their final position on every week during the 15 days of the promotion, and “bubble players” will also be included in the inclusive leaderboard. Determination of players’ final rank is according to the lowest rank during the 15 days, as per the below table:

$50 & up
Weekly Places Final Prize   Weekly Places Final Prize   Weekly Places Final Prize
1st - 15th $500.00   1st - 8th $2,500.00   1st - 5th $5,000.00
16th - 45th $150.00   9th - 24th $750.00   6th - 15th $1,500.00
46th - 90th $50.00   25th - 48th $250.00   16th - 30th $500.00
91st - 180th $25.00   49th - 90th $125.00   31st - 60th $250.00

Tournament News


Baltic Hold'em Series

Play your way to the main event at the Baltic Hold’em Series! Baltic Hold'em Series is the largest Texas Hold’em festival in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius; a true poker experience of a life-time guaranteed

This poker series will include 3 events;

  • Riga: Radisson Blu hotel, February 9th-February 13th.
  • Tallin: Reval Park Hotel & Casino, February 23rd-Februray 27th.
  • Vilnius: Radisson Blu hotel, March 9th-March 13th.

Players are already on their way to Riga but SunPoker continues to offer full VIP packages to Tallin and Vilnius via weekly Super Satellites that take place every Thursday at 21:00 (Buy-in: €125 + €10).

A full package to either of the last two Baltic Hold’em Series will include:

  • €500 Buy-in to the Main Event.
  • €235 for flights and spending money.
  • €250 for 4 nights’ accommodation
  • $15: Registration fees

To participate in the next tournament, simply connect to the “Land Based” category in the SunPoker main lobby and select Baltic Hold’em series.

Remember this isn’t just another land based poker game; it is a festival with amazing additional rewards and jackpots. Be sure to check them out and keep them in mind while playing at the Main Events!

Poker Around the World


Isaia wins longest WPT in History

After a record-breaking eight-hour and twenty-minute heads-up match, Italian Alessio Isaia took down the WPT Venice title early Wednesday morning.

The chance for a World Poker Tour title drew 523 players to the Casinò Municipale di Venezia in Venice, Italy this week for the €3000+€30 WPT Venice main event.

After four days a final table of eight was reached, but while EPT title holders Max Lykov and David Vamplew entered Tuesday's finale as the clear favorites, it was the 24-year-old Isaia from Cuneo, Italy who beat Szabolcs Mayer heads-up to collect the €380,000 first-place prize, a $25,500 WPT Championship seat and a Tiffany bracelet.

After falling short in two previous WSOP final table appearances, the win marked Isaia's first major victory and biggest score of his five-year poker career.

Once EPT London winner Vamplew busted third, Isaia entered heads-up with Hungarian Mayer facing a better than 4:1 chip deficit. However, he doubled up before the dinner break and eventually grabbed the lead. Mayer struck back making quads to double up and take a stranglehold on the match again. But Isaia never gave up, doubled again, took control and finally put Mayer away just after 3 a.m. Wednesday morning.

The eight hour and twenty minute heads-up match marked the longest in WPT history.

Here's how the WPT Venice final table finished up:

1. Alessio Isaia €380,000
2. Szabolcs Mayer €228,990
3. David Vamplew €149,910
4. Emmanuel Rodrigues €101,960
5. Adrien Camille Garrigues €73,180
6. Luca Fiorini €57,830
7. Max Lykov €43,370
8. Renato Paolini €31,960

Wednesday February 8th, 2011


Message from the CEO

Love is definitely in the air this weekend and we’ve already expressed our love for Online Poker but still want to know who or what will you be showing some love too on February 14th? 

Email us and let us know why you choose Online over Land based Poker for a special feature in next weeks The Sun Weekly.

Message from the CEO

Online Poker….Please be My Valentine

February 14th, to majority of the world this day symbolizes; flowers, chocolate and romantic dinners, an entire day set aside to recognize the ones you love!

Sure all that romance is great to have and to hold, but personally, I would like to express my love to the one thing that has always held a special spot in my heart…Online Poker

Top 5 Reasons why Online Poker will always be my valentines;

  • Always there for me
    Anytime, any place, anywhere. Play where you want when you want, in the comfort of your own home, on a beach or in a café it doesn’t matter, where you go Online Poker will gladly follow.
  • Allows me to mix things up
    Different variations of poker games are always available, from Omaha to Texas Hold Em, low limits to high limits, heads up or live tournament action. No matter what you’re in the mood for, online poker has it.
  • Keeps up with me
    Fast play time. The internet was made to be fast, and this includes online poker. With online poker, you usually end up playing at least 50 percent more hands that you would ever play at a real casino table and this often results in quicker profit margins!
  • Roll Play is OK
    You are anonymous. This can be advantageous as you do not have any nervous tics or have to keep a poker face. You can actually bluff opponents easier if they cannot see you
  • Toys are Welcome
    You can use poker tools to help your game. Playing from home allows you to have as many tools and toys as you want you can look at hand histories and use tools to track your betting rate. SunPoker even offers its own private notes tracker within the software. If you try bringing electronic toys into a Vegas casino and you will probably need a lawyer.

So at the end of it all, this February 14th I will commit myself to a few games of Omaha followed by a double dose of Texas Hold’Em and if things go well I’ll definitely be back for more everyday after ;-)






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