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Newsletter: Volume 3 - Issue 42 News


Get ready, the biggest tournament from down under is coming your way - The Aussie Millions Poker Championship and SunPoker is making your first land based tournament destination for 2012!

Starting this Saturday, October 22nd, SunPoker players will have the opportunity to win $16,000 winners' prize packages to the Aussie Millions Main Event in Australia by participating in series of online satellites!

The $16,000 Package includes:

  • $10,000 + $600 (AUD) Buy In to the Main Event. (approx $10,500 USD)
    All players are registered to day 1A- January 22nd, at 12:30PM.
  • $2,500 for 10 nights’ accommodation and breakfast at Crown Promenade
    hotel in Melbourne, January 19th – January 29th, 2012.
  • $250 for handling fees.
  • $2,750 for flights and spending.
  • 2 tickets to a VIP players’ party on January 19th.

Satellites start for as low as $0.20 and a Weekly Super Satellite every Saturday at 20:00 with a Buy-In of $500+$35 Freezeout!

  • First Super Satellite takes place on October 29th, 2011
  • Last Super Satellite takes place on January 7th, 2012

The biggest tournament to kick off the start of the year is coming your way and all you have to do is register and play at!


Tournament News

Steps Tournaments Continue

With all the new promotions at SunPoker, we want to make sure you still make time for the Steps Tournament!

SunPoker’s Steps Tournaments is a challenge amongst players internally as to who can climb to the top, the fastest and who will cash in the $200,000 Guaranteed first!

What step will you start at? Take the first step for only $0.16 and work your way to the top of the mountain for a $215 token to the $200,000 Guaranteed Tournament or would it be at a higher step getting you that much closer to top!

Either way, reaching for $200,000 has never been cheaper or this much fun with SunPoker’s Step Tournaments!

These tournaments are 10 player Sit 'N' Go’s every time you win a tournament you will receive a token to the next step, now of course players can buy in directly to any Steps Tournament at any level, which means you don’t need to start at the bottom!

The tiered structure of Steps Tournaments gives you the opportunity to work your way up from Step 1 to 7; the tournaments are designed to keep you in the game!

If you don’t proceed to the next Step, don’t panic, you can win a token either to repeat the same step or at a lower step. Alternatively you can use any winning tokens, from Step 2 on, to buy in to any of the tournaments listed in the table below with an equivalent buy-in amount.

Your Goal Conquer the 7th Step to win the top prize and play your way to cash in the $200,000 Guaranteed! So get your step on!

These tournaments can be found under the Sit 'N' Go code on your SunPoker software. 

Poker Around the World


America defeats Europe to claim Caesars Cup title

In 2009 the Annette Obrestad led Team Europe dismantled the American Team captained by Daniel Negreanu at the inaugural Caesars Cup; a Rider Cup-esque series of matches pitting Europeans vs. Americans (including Canada). It took two years for the Caesars Cup match to return, and this time around the American team put together by Phil Hellmuth was able to revenge their 2009 loss.

After a lot of last minute roster changes, the final squads shook out in the following way:

* Team America – Phil Hellmuth (captain), Daniel Negreanu, Johnny Chan, Ben Lamb, and Jason Mercier

* Team Europe – Bertrand “ElkY” Grosspellier, Jake Cody, Max Lykov, Gus Hansen, and Tony G

Unfortunately for Team Europe (which replaced Dario Minieri the day before the tournament began with Tony G) both Tony G and Jake Cody were both still alive and kicking in the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event, and were unlikely to participate in the Caesars Cup –Tony G busted fairly early and did play for Team Europe, while Cody went on to make the final table, but also took part in the Caesars Cup.

Here is a look at how the individual matches played out:

Match 1: Team play where two players alternated on each betting round
Team America: Jason Mercier and Ben Lamb DEFEATED Team Europe: Tony G and Jake Cody

Match 2: Team play where two players alternated playing each hand
Team Europe: Max Lykov and Gus Hansen DEFEATED Team America: Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth

Match 3: Heads-up Match
Team America’s Johnny Chan DEFEATED Team Europe’s Bertrand Grosspellier

Match 4: Heads-up Match
Team America’s Phil Hellmuth DEFEATED Team Europe’s Max Lykov

Source: Steve Ruddock of

Message from the CEO

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie… Oi, Oi, Oi

Message from the CEO
Tired of Crazy Bad Beats?

Bad beats are where you lose a hand at Texas Holdem - or any other poker game for that matter - when your hand said that you would be in the strongest position and you should win. With our up coming BackBet feature, Bad beat will soon be a thing of the past.

An example would be if you had pocket Aces and the flop was As Jh 7c. Now you would consider yourself to be in a very strong position with your triple aces at this point so you would probably raise (unless you decided the circumstances were right to "slow-play" the hand to milk the most out of your opponents). You get called so you think - great, no bad beats here, this time I'm winning some money!

The turn is 2d which is good too, you don't think that there's any way a 2 could improve your opponent's hand, your opponent cannot have a straight or flush draw so surely you're winning.

Pay day!

The river shows 7h which is almost perfect for you. If somebody has a 7 then they probably think their triple 7s are winning but you top them with your full house - AAA77. They may have two pairs or even trips but your full house would beat any of those. But they call your raise so you re-raise and to your delight they call again.

You go all-in and get called.

Feeling almost sorry for your opponent and his stupidity you show your Aces and get ready to collect your big pot.

He shows a pair of 7s, he's got 4 sevens!

You thought your Aces were winning all the way, especially when you hit a third one on the flop then picked up a full house on the river, but on this occasion his pair of 7s was the winner while your pocket Aces was the loser.

A very bad beat!




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