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SunPoker Newsletter

Newsletter: Volume 3 - Issue 23 News

30 WSOP Main Event Packages Guaranteed

SunPoker is running a Mega Satellite promotion to the World Series of Poker and up for grabs is NOT one BUT 30 WSOP Main Event packages! Each package is valued at $13,000 and each of the 30 winners will receive;
  • $10,000 buy-in to the WSOP Main Event (Event #58).
    • All players will start at Day 1D – July 10th, 2011 at 12:00 PM.
  • $1,120 for 7 Nights’ accommodation at the Wynn hotel in Vegas.
    • Check in: July 8th, 2011.
    • Check out: July 15th, 2011.

  • $250 for registration fees.

  • $1,630 for flights and spending.

The Mega Satellite main event for the packages start on June 19th 2011 at 19:00 GMT and carry’s a buy in of $500 + $35 however qualifying satellites have already started and will continue until June 18th 2011 The Mega Satellite will replace the Sunday $200,000 Gtd. and the regular Main Event Freezeout of that week.

Qualifier Satellites Schedule

Date Time (GMT+1) Tournament Name Buy-In Description
Ongoing - SNG Stage 1 $267.5+$13.5 (HU) Awards seats to Mega Satellite
Ongoing - SNG Stage 1 $107+$9 (5 players) Awards seats to Mega Satellite
Ongoing - SNG Stage 1 $53.5+$4 (10 players) Awards seats to Mega Satellite
Daily 11:30 Stage 1 Satellite $20+$2 R/A Awards seats to Mega Satellite
Daily 13:10, 15:20, 16:30 Stage 1 Satellite $30+$3 R/A Awards seats to Mega Satellite
Daily 21:00 Stage 1 Satellite $60+$6 R/A Awards seats to Mega Satellite

There’s no other online poker site that offers you more ways to the 2011 WSOP than SunPoker!

Tournament News

Summer Sale - $250,000 Guaranteed this weekend

As summer continues to heats up so does SunPoker Summer Sale!

With discounts ranging from 50% to 80% off and an amazing $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool it’s no wonder the tables have been filling up quick!

This weekend hot ticket is to the $250,000 Guaranteed Tournament where the prize is just as the name promises $25,000 Guaranteed. The tournament starts on Sunday June 12th at 18:00 Server time and the buy in is discounted to $200 + $15

However, mega satellites to this final table are on going for an even cheaper rate of $25 + $2.50 on the 11th of June staring at 18:00 server time!

With a quarantined quarter of a million dollars on the line this Sunday and two ways to reach for it, you shouldn’t have any other plans!

Be sure to connect to the Summer Sales tab within the SunPoker lobby to buy in at discounted rate starting this Saturday!

Feels like a HEAT STROKE at SunPoker!!!

What’s Next at SunPoker?

Yes the WSOP is the world’s largest poker gathering and yes a WSOP championship is the most sought after title in poker…but where does one go after the summer events end?

Not to worry, SunPoker has already started to set in motion satellites to the APT Asian Series Manila, 2011 that will be held at the Resort World Manila, from August 17th – August 23rd, 2011 followed by Satellites to the Irish Winter Festival, 2011 held in Dublin, between October 29th and October 31st, 2011.

Stay tuned to for further details on these and more great land based poker opportunities coming your way for the second half of 2011

Poker Around the World


Amateur beats the pros in WSOP $1,500 6-Max tourney

Heading into the final table of Event #10, the $1,500 No Limit Holdem 6-Max tournament, all eyes were focused on players like Scotland’s David Vamplew, who was looking to win the UK’s fourth bracelet in the first 10 events at the 2011 World Series of Poker; Eddie Blumenthal, who was appearing at his second final table of the 2011 WSOP; or the player with the most experience, 6-Max NLHE specialist, Jeffrey Papola.

Flying under everyone’s radar was Texas doctor Geffrey Klein, who would make it all the way to the heads-up portion of the tournament against Eddie Blumenthal, looking to avenge his fourth place finish in Event #4, the $5k NLHE tournament won by Allen Bari.

Klein overcame the 10-to-1 of Blumenthal to square the match, and it looked as though the Hard-Stop rule was once again going to come into effect as the two players were a mere 20 minutes away from hitting the 10-level cap when both players found themselves All-in, Blumnethal holding pocket sevens, while Klein held AK, with the AK winning the race, and propelling Klein to the winners circle.

Here is a look at the final table payouts from the tournament:

1. Geffrey Klein – $544,388
2. Eddie Blumenthal – $334,756
3 . Jeff Papola – $214,410
4. David Vamplew – $141,030
5. Bryan Colin – $95,333
6. Anthony Spinella – $66,199

Results courtesy of

Source courtesy Steve Ruddock of

Message from the CEO

The WSOP is in full swing and SunPoker players have started to arrive in Vegas, but here are still packages being given away and next week 30 packages in one day! So be sure to grab one before the summers biggest poker event is over!

Message from the CEO Avoiding Bad Beats

Avoiding bad beats is one of the most important skills to learn in poker.

Poker players at any level just hate it when they get a bad beat, they are the most annoying and frustrating hands in the game!

So what are they, and more importantly, how can you go about avoiding bad beats?

Well a bad beat is when you are an overwhelming favorite to win a hand - but still lose. It really is sad when you lose all your chips and go out of the game on a bad beat, just because you were convinced you had the hand won.

There are two types of bad beat in Texas Hold’em poker - the type that you can't really do anything about and the type that can be avoided.

Here's a scenario for the first type:
You've got a pair of aces, the best possible starting hand while your only opponent left in the betting is holding a pair of fours. The flop comes A Q 4 and your opponent goes all-in. You call, you've got the best possible hand at that point. The turn is a 4 and you don't catch your ace on the river, you've just lost to four of a kind.

In this case you could not have done anything about it. There is no way you could fold your triple aces, you had the best possible hand. If you fold that you might as well take up knitting!

Here's how the second (avoidable) type of bad beat plays out:
You've got A Q and again only you and MrX are involved in the betting. This time he's low on chips and is going all in with J 9 out of desperation. You decide to call as you've got a good chance of boosting your chips and you feel he doesn't have a hand. Flop is 10 7 2 and he hits his 8 on the turn for a straight.

So how can you go about avoiding bad beats like these? Firstly you need to realize that in online poker tournaments the instances of bad beats are much higher than in real life poker in a casino or home poker game.

There are several reasons for this, but the botom line is that it comes down to the online poker player being a different breed. The average online player is far more likely to play a hand and is far more likely to be distracted by other games he's playing at the same time, or the TV, or the kids or whatever.

You need to counter this by playing a very tight poker game. Only play VERY big hands and don't get involved in any hand with more than three callers. Even pocket aces have only a slightly better than 50% chance of winning against three opponents.

So stay tight, and when you do hit a hand, bet big. You want to limit your opponents as much as possible so make a big raise and get them to fold. Avoiding bad beats is a skill that it definitely pays to learn.




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