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Newsletter: Volume 3 - Issue 21 News

Summer Sale

Get your shopping carts ready because SunPoker Summer Sale is finally hear!

Saturday May 28th is the start of this mega sale where games are discounted up to an amazing 80% and $1,000,000 guaranteed in prizes is up for the taking!

With discounts ranging from 50% to 80% off – you better have a great excuse for missing out on this sale, so make sure you check out the tournament schedule and discounts on

But wait, this isn’t just another amazing sale…oh no…we're heating things up even more by adding our new $250,000 Guaranteed Weekly Tournaments to the Summer Sales promotion, where you can win a $215 token to the Main Event and Mega Satellite tokens!

That’s right, participating players will be awarded with great prizes as per their participation in the weekly tournaments of the Summer Sales promotion.

Play 4 game Get a toke – Play 6 Get 2 token – Play them all for yet another token!

Tournament News

Bubble Bust Out Freeroll

Busting out on the bubble, doesn’t have to be full downer any more, not with SunPoker’s Bubble Bust Out monthly Freeroll!

If you play any tournament greater than 10 players and unfortunately bust out on the "bubble", you now qualify for our Monthly $1000 guaranteed freeroll!

What is a Bubble? When you are playing in any real money tournament and get knocked out of the tournament one position from the money.

If this happens to you, simply go to the Bubble Bust Out page on the SunPoker website and enter your Users Name and the Tournament ID you busted from and we will review your position and enter you into the next $1000 Guaranteed Freeroll

We’re sure this takes off the pressure on “being on the bubble”

Next Bubble Bust Out Freeroll is scheduled for Wednesday, June 1st at 18:00 server time

This is best way to pop a bubble thanks to the Bubble Bust Out Freeroll exclusively at Sunpoker!

Poker Around the World


Scott Seiver triumphs at WPT Championship

After his win at the 2011 WPT $25k Championship on Friday night Scott Seiver is now just an EPT win away from accomplishing the Poker Triple Crown –Seiver won a WSOP bracelet back in 2008—and has quietly amassed a very impressive $3.9 million in career tournament earnings according to

The 26 year-old is renowned for his cash game skills, and equally adept on live tournaments, and online poker. With an impressive resume and a WSOP bracelet Seiver, didn’t feel complete with out a World Poker Tour title!

The WPT is something that has always eluded me and technically I know it doesn’t really matter and all tournaments are the same and you’re always trying to win, but it is really special to me to finally win a WPT,” said Seiver following his first WPT victory at Bellagio on Friday.

Seiver didn’t just win any WPT event either. The poker pro and Brown University grad won the biggest WPT event of the season, capping off Season IX by taking down the WPT Championship at the Bellagio and earned himself a $1,618,344 pay check!

His path to the WPT Championship was not an easy one, considering he not only had to weave through a field of 220 of the best poker players in the world over the course of the tournament’s first five days, but upon reaching the final table had to contend with the likes of 2011 PCA Champion Galen Hall, tournament poker veteran and two-time WSOP bracelet winner Freddy Bonyadi, and another young rising star in Justin Young.

Seiver and Hall came into the final table in a virtual tie for the chip-lead, but it was Seiver who got off to a fast start at the final table quickly taking command of the tournament and cementing his chip-lead. Hall would retake the chip-lead later in the evening, only to see his chips go to Bonyadi, and especially Seiver, when the tournament reached three-handed play.

Here are the final table results from the Season IX WPT World Championship:

1. Scott Seiver — $1,618,344
2. Farzad Bonyadi — $1,061,900
3. Galen Hall — $589,355
4. Roger Teska — $371,665
5. Tony Gargano — $278,749
6. Justin Young — $225,654

Congratulations Scott Seiver!

Message from the CEO

SunPoker is giving away 30 packages to the 2011 WSOP Main event in Las Vegas that is a total value of $390,000!

The Mega satellite will be held on June 19th at 18:00GMT but satellites to this final table will start on June 1st, 2011 so get ready for these are the last 30 packages for this years WSOP!

Message from the CEO The Free Card in Poker

When you bet or raise on an early round in order to get checked to on the next round, you are not actually getting a free card. In reality, you are getting a card cheaply. If everything works, it appears as though you are getting a free card, but that "free" card cost you a bet on the previous round. If things do not work as hoped, the free card you are trying to get may become quite expensive. (Your opponent might re-raise and then bet into you on the fourth street.) However, there are many situations where trying for a cheap card is beneficial.

Since getting a free card is often advantageous when your hand is weak, it should be obvious that when you have a legitimate hand, it is usually to your disadvantage to give any free cards. Specifically, you should bet most of your legitimate hands to give your opponent a chance to drop. This includes holdings like four flushes or open-end straight draws with two cards to come.

By the way, be willing to bet open-end straight draws with two flush cards on board as long as there are two cards to come, unless you feel that there is a good chance that you will be raised. It is true that you may make your straight and run into a flush, but remember that it is often correct to bet on the flop with a small pair and an over card, a hand that has only five cards that will improve it. Even if a flush draw is out, you still have six cards that will make your straight draw a winning hand and many times that winning hand will be the "nuts." (Of course six outs against an opponent’s flush draw is not as good as five outs against a non-flush draw since you can catch and still lose.) You also usually should bet top pair or an over pair on the flop, as long as your hand figures to be the best hand. The exceptions are when there is a lot of raising before the flop (indicating that you may not have the best hand), and those times when you have decided to check-raise. Resist the inclination to check to the before-the-flop-raiser. Checking and calling is rarely a correct strategy in hold ‘em, it is precisely the way that many weak opponents will play. However, there are three situations where checking and calling may be correct.

  • The first occurs when you are slow playing.

  • The second situation is when you are fairly sure that your opponent has a better hand and will not fold if you bet, but the pot odds justify your calling in the hope that either you have the best hand or you may outdraw your opponent.

  • The third situation is when you are against a habitual bluffer. Now, even though you risk giving a free card, checking and calling is probably the best strategy to follow. Another interesting concept is that even when you are a big favorite and want callers, but you think everyone will fold if you bet, giving a free card still may be incorrect. In this case, the next card might be a miracle card for someone else, but not likely to make anyone a second-best hand. An obvious example of this can be seen when you flop a small flush. A check could give someone else a higher flush, and that person would not have called your bet.




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