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Newsletter: Volume 3 - Issue 20 News

DeepStack Open Marrakech 2011

A city where snake charmers sit outside refined palaces, riotous marketplaces sell all kinds of wares and a mysterious Medina (old town) that’s made up of nearly two miles of secret passages is just the beginning to the mystical and magical city of Marrakech, Morocco; you’re next stop with SunPoker’s DeepStack Open

The DeepStack Open Marrakech 2011 is your chance to play poker in the exotic and elegant Casino De Marrakech, between June 23rd and 26th, 2011 and in true SunPoker fashion we want you to arrive in luxury through one of our VIP Packages.

SunPoker invites you to participate in a series of ongoing Satellite events to win a €1,350.00 VIP Package to the DeepStack Open Marrakech 2011 that includes;

  • €500 + €50 Buy In to the Main Event.

  • 50,000 chips. €450 for 5 nights’ accommodation at the Kenzi Farrah Hotel
    June 22nd - 27th, 2011.

  • Accommodation and breakfast for the qualifying player and a guest.

  • €15 for handling fees.

  • €335 for flights and spending.

Satellites for the DeepStack Open Marrakech can be found within the SunPoker lobby under the Land Based tab listed as DSO Marrakech!

The €80 + €8 Weekly Super Satellites will be held at 21:30 GMT on Mondays!

This Monday 23rd May is your opportunity to secure a VIP package with a direct buy in to the final table, but there is still time over the weekend to satellite your way up to that final table through the many on going satellites.

The city of Marrakech awaits you as SunPoker continues to offer you exotic opportunities to see the world through poker!

Tournament News

5 Ways to the WSOP

SunPoker players are gearing up to head to Las Vegas for the 2011 WSOP and you can be part of our team by winning a WSOP packages through the 5 Ways to the WSOP tournaments!

With different buy-in’s to different tournaments being offered, SunPoker allows you to pick and choose which package best suits you! Go for the full Main Event Package, the Side Event Package or even the Experience package the choice is yours all you have to do log on, register and play for your chance to join team SunPoker at the 2011 World Series of Poker!

Warrior Master League

An 8 event MTT Master league that starts off with a one time entry of $200 + $15 that will gain you access to all eight events. Once entered all you have to do is play the best you can, finish as high as you can, gain points for every tournament played, and you’ll win prizes based on your final position in the league.

No Limit Hold’Em Main Event Packages

If you are looking for entry to the WSOP Main Event and having your hotel and airfare paid for, then this is the tournament for you!

This package gets you a $13,000 Main Event Package will receive;

  • $10,000 buy-in to the WSOP Main Event (Event #58)

  • $1,120 for 7 Nights’ accommodation at one of Vegas’ posh strip hotels.

  • $250 for registration fees.

  • $1,600 for flights and spending

Supper Satellites will be held every Sunday at the same time until June 19th 2011 where the last Main Event Package will be awarded.

Side Events Package

Rather play in the Side Events? No Problem…with one SunPoker’s Side Event Packages you are now able to play in not one BUT two of the most popular Side Events for a shot at a WSOP Bracelet!

Winners of the $5,500 Side Event package will receive;

  • $1,500 buy-in to a WSOP Side Event (Event #48).

  • $1,000 buy-in to a WSOP Side Event (Event #54)

  • $1,440 for 9 Nights’ accommodation at one of Vegas’ posh strip hotels

  • $75 for registration fees.

  • $1,485 for flights and spending.

Weekly Super Satellites will be hosted every Tuesday at 21:00 with a Buy-In of $200+$15 for the Side Events Package with daily tournaments to satellite into the Tuesday finals starting a lower buy-in

Experience Package

If it’s the experience of the WSOP or Vegas its self you’re looking for, then SunPoker’s Experience Package is the one for you!

The $3,600 Experience Package will take you to fabulous Las Vegas for 5 full nights to enjoy the excitement of the Vegas Strip and try your luck on WSOP Side Event #48

The full Experience Package includes;

  • $1,500 buy-in to a WSOP Side Event (Event #48).

  • $800 for 5 Nights’ accommodation at one of Vegas’ posh strip hotels.

  • $50 for registration fees.

  • $1,250 for flights and spending.

Entry to Supper Satellites for this package is set at $11 + $1.1 with daily ongoing satellites at a lower buyin. Doesn’t get any cheaper to head to Las Vegas.

Pot-Limit Omaha Championship Package

Ohh Omaha Players we didn’t forget about you!

You get to enjoy and amazing $13,000 at this years WSOP with direct entry into the Omaha Championship tournament and a package that will include;

  • $10,000 buy-in to the WSOP PLO Championship (Event #42).

  • $800 for 5 Nights’ accommodation at one of Vegas’ posh strip hotels.

  • $250 for registration fees.

  • $1.950 for flights and spending.

Entry to the final table of the Supper Satellite to win a Pot-Limit Omaha package is set at $107 + $9 with daily tournaments going for much less also.

Five different ways to get to this years World Series of Poker, pick one or pick’em all, the choice is really yours!

What will your 2011 WSOP Experience be like this time around?


SunPoker’s Multi Table Tournament Race is nearing an end and making space for the new Sit N Go Race starting on June 1st but with just a little over a week left in the MTT Race there is still a large amount of cash prizes waiting to be won!

As a Multi table tournament player, it is never too late to join the race and cash in part of the $150K prize pool! Participating in this race is particularly effortless, all you have to do is play in ANY of the MTT scheduled tournaments (excluding satellites and private tournaments), in the tournaments listed in the SunPoker software under the name “MTT leader board.

To ensure you cash in large with in the last few days of the race, we’ve put together a few games favored in this tournament;




Buy In

Friday 20th 19:45 $12,500 Double Stack $300 + $20
Saturday 21st 18:30 $35,000 GP Freezeout $100 + $9
Saturday 21st 19:45 $8,000 GP Double Stack $100 + $9
Sunday 22nd 19:45 $25,000 GP Double Stack $100 + $9
Sunday 22nd 1:15 $1,000 GP R/A 6 Player Table $10 + $1
Monday 23rd 20:50 $1,000 GP PL Omaha R/A $50 + $50
Tuesday 24th 19:45 $30,000 GP Supper Tuesday $100 + $9

Keeping track of your points is just as easy also, the point formula and a full break down of the cash winning along with a daily updated leader board for the current MTT Race is located directly on SunPoker’s website;

This MTT Tournament Race truly is a race dedicated to multi table tournament players, providing a verity of games and admirable prize pool!

Poker Around the World

McConachie Wins Brighton Leg of GUKPT Summer Series

Dave McConachie came out on top in the Brighton Leg of the GUKPT Summer Series at the weekend, pocketing £10,240 for his two days work.

The £500 main event attracted a field of 59 players, double that of what entered the simultaneous event in Dundee. This years main events give any player the option to re-enter, and five players did so boosting the prizepool up to an impressive £ 32,000, which meant eight players in all would collect a prize. The top eight players and their payouts are listed below.

1. Dave McConachie – £10,240
2. David Johnson – £7,360
3. Jeff Kimber – £4,880
4. Steve Vigor – £2,880
5. Michael Welland – £2,320
6. Robin Fisher – £1,760
7. William Dorey – £1,440
8. Anthony Adderley – £1,120

McConachie was made to work hard for his win beating David Johnson and Jeff Kimber to the first prize. Johnson was last years GUKPT Rankings winner and Kimber is a GUKPT sponsored player.

Two other players had good weekends cashing in two separate events, and the first of those was Xenofon Kalanas. He won the £150 NLHE Freezeout, beating 37 other players to the first prize of £2,100, and he also had a second place finish in the £200 NLHE Double Chance Freezeout which was the first event of the weekend, collecting a cheque for £2,050. The other player in question is Steve Vigor who finished fourth in the main event and third in the event won by Kalanas. Vigor walked away with £3,910 and Kalanas £4,150, so both will have been pleased with their weekends work.

The second leg of the summer series will be taking place in June, starting on Thursday 9th, with Bolton and Plymouth hosting the two events.

Source: Rich on

Message from the CEO

The count down has started! Just 10 more days until the kick off of the summers biggest poker tournament…hope to see you at the 2011 WSOP!

Message from the CEO Raising and Check Raising

There are five basic reasons to raise in no limit hold ‘em:

1. To get more money in the pot.
2. To drive players out.
3. To bluff (or semi-bluff).
4. To get a free card.
5. To gain information.

If you think you have the bettor beat, it is generally correct to raise, even if you risk driving out players behind you. In fact, in many cases, it is very important to drive out players on the flop, this is because in today’s modem structure, the size of the pot is often so large in relation to the bet on the flop that it sometimes becomes correct to draw long-shot hands if there is no raise on the flop. Consequently, your raise in these spots often will save the whole pot for you. By the way, if you are raising on the flop to drive people out, it usually will work only against those players who have not yet had a chance to call the original bet. It is a rare player will fold his hand on the flop for one more bet after he already has put money into the pot.

Check Raising

One of the most powerful forms of raising is the check-raise. Check-raising is the play of checking your hand with the intention of raising on the same round after an opponent bets. The check-raise should often be used to exclude opponents from competing for the pot, sometimes, in limit hold’em, this is the most desirable characteristic of check-raising.
For check-raising to be correct, you usually should:

1. Think you have the best hand
2. Be quite sure that someone will bet behind you if you check.

A situation where check-raising probably would be correct is when you flop top pair, there are many players on the flop or you are in an early position. This is especially true if you think that the bet will come from a late position player.

It’s simple, don’t raise if you fear a reraise or if a reasonable chance exists that your hand won’t win even if you hit it. Also keep in mind that a four-flush or an open-end straight draw normally should be bet if there is any chance that you can steal the pot.

Two interesting things may happen if you check a lot of good hands on the flop:
First, some of your opponents may become afraid to bet, that is, they may be more inclined to give you a free card, and this free card may win the pot for you.

Second, even if a blank hits on the turn, you now may be able to steal the pot. Your opponents are not going to suspect a bluff merely because you didn’t bet on the flop, as they know you might have been trying for a check-raise. When you are bluffing in this situation, never show your hand. However, remember that if you check a lot of hands on the flop, the free card that you give occasionally may cost you the pot.




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