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Newsletter: Volume 3 - Issue 18 News

Summer Sales

It’s always hotter under the Sun and this summer SunPoker is heating thing up even more with a Summer Sales, discounting games up to a scorching 80% off!!

The Super Sale tournaments begins on May 28th and will continue until June 12th, with discounts ranging from 50% to 80% off the regular online poker tournament buy-in prices and over $1,000,000 in guaranteed prizes on offer, you'd be mad to miss out!

Check out the “Summer Sales” tab in the software for the list of tournaments or simply follow this link:

Part of the Summer Sale is the NEW $250,000 Guaranteed Tournaments!

Players can enter the $250,000 Gtd. tournaments through qualifying satellites or buy-in directly.

Tournament Date Time (GMT + 1) Buy-in
Sunday $250,000Gtd. 29/5/2011 19:00 $200+$15
Sunday $250,000Gtd. 5/6/2011 19:00 $200+$15
Sunday $250,000Gtd. 12/6/2011 19:00 $200+$15

Want to even cheaper…NO PROBLEM! Qualify through our Mega Satellites:

  • 80 Seats guaranteed from each satellite.

Tournament Date Time (GMT + 1) Buy-in
Sunday $250,000 Mega Satellite 28/5/2011 19:00 $25+$2.5
Sunday $250,000 Mega Satellite 4/6/2011 19:00 $25+$2.5
Sunday $250,000 Mega Satellite 11/6/2011 19:00 $25+$2.5

Get a real bang for your buck!

Just by participating in the Summer Sale tournaments you can earn your way to the any one of the
3 Sunday $250,000 Guaranteed Final tables

Players who take part in our promotion will be awarded with prizes according to their participation, as follows:

Tournament Date Time (GMT + 1) Buy-in
Sunday $250,000 Gtd. 29/5/2011 19:00 $200+$15
High Roller Monday $35,000 Gtd. 30/5/2011 21:30 $175+$15 (65% OFF)
Monday Night Omaha $5,000 Gtd. 30/5/2011 22:00 $35+$3.5 (65% OFF)
Super Tuesday $30,000 Gtd. 31/5/2011 20:45 $35+$3.5 (65% OFF)
Wednesday $50,000 Gtd. 1/6/2011 20:30 $40+$4
Thursday $30,000 Gtd. 2/6/2011 21:30 $30+$3
Friday $60,000 Gtd. 3/6/2011 21:00 $50+$5 (50% OFF)
Saturday $35,000 Gtd. 4/6/2011 20:30 $50+$5 (50% OFF)

*  Players who participate in each of the first four tournaments, will receive a token to the next Sunday $250,000 Mega Satellite taking place on the 4th of June, 2011 at 19:00 (GMT+1).

**  Players who participate in each of the first six tournaments, will receive tokens to the next Sunday $250,000 Mega Satellites taking place on the 4th  and 11th of June, 2011 at 19:00 (GMT+1).

*** Players who participate in all of the eight tournaments, will receive a token (to the value of $215) to the next Sunday $250,000 Gtd. Tournament, taking place on the 5th of June, 2011 at 19:00 (GMT+1).

Get your sun screen ready because SunPoker is only getting started!!

Tournament News

Jackpots at SunPoker!

Whether playing poker online or land based, cashing in a win is a great feeling, but cashing in a Jackpot is an even greater feeling…here at SunPoker we offer four Sit ‘n’ Go Jackpots every day!

Fort Knox Jackpot Sit 'n' Go

As our most popular jackpot game, Fort Knox progressive amount is now up to $142,500.00

To win this jackpot all you have to do is finish 1st in six consecutive STTs and you’ll win $50,000 plus the progressive amount
Finish 1st or 2nd in 6 consecutive tournaments and win $750.
Buy-in to the Fort Knox Jackpot games are set at $50+$9
Jackpot increases by $10,000 each week until won.

Rio Jackpot Sit 'n' Go

The Rio Jackpot holds the highest hitting rate out of the four games, as of today the progressive jackpot is up to $45,000.00

Finish 1st in six consecutive STTs and win $25,000 plus the progressive amount.
Finish 1st or 2nd in 6 consecutive tournaments and win $300.
Buy-in: $20+$3.50
Jackpot increases by $10,000 each week until won.

Maui Jackpot Sit 'n' Go

Sometimes you need a bit of colour in your life and the Maui Jackpot festive feel offers exactly that with a progressive jackpot up to $31,500.00 this week!

Finish 1st in five consecutive STTs and win $15,000 plus the progressive amount.
Finish 1st or 2nd in 5 consecutive tournaments and win $200.
Buy-in: $5+$1
Jackpot increases by $3,500 each week until won.

Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit 'n' Go

Dirty Dozen is our simple jackpot game, making it fun, quick and cashable at any day! Currently the jackpot is at $2000.00

Finish 1st in four consecutive STTs and win $2,000.
Buy-in: $2+$0.40

SunPoker’s jackpot games can be located under the Sit ‘n’ Go tab of the SunPoker software, simply connect, select your game and play away!

Why not play to hit the extra bargain prizes!

Poker Around the World

Von Kriegenbergh wins WPT Seminole Hard Rock title

With perhaps the slowest final table structure in tournament poker, the World Poker Tour (WPT) is known for having some long sessions, wild chip-swings, and exciting action that can see a player go from short-stack, to chip-leader, and back again to short-stack before going on to win the tournament.

This rollercoaster ride is precisely what happened to Taylor von Kriegenbergh who took a massive chip-lead into the final table of the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown, pumped it up even more early on, only to double-up two of his opponents soon thereafter and fall back to the middle of the pack, and finally go on to win the tournament.

After losing the chip-lead, Von Kriegenbergh then went on a massive heater that saw him accumulate virtually every chip at the table by the time he reached heads-up play against Curt Kohlberg with more than a 5-to-1 chip advantage.

One player who couldn’t get anything going at the final table was one of poker’s most polarizing players, Allen Bari, who in his usual way took to Twitter to sound off. Here is a look at two of Bari’s Tweet’s according to

“5 handed with 2 nits a clown and a question mark…Gonna try and grind it back from 1.3 mill.”

“Thank you all for the support.. Card dead for 6 hours watching morons smash buttons…Gl Taylor, the rest can rot in hell..”

Here is a look at how the final six players fared in the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown:

1. Taylor Von Kriegenbergh – $1,122,340
2. Curt Kohlberg – $586,109
3. Justin Zaki – $415,680
4. Abbey Daniels – $286,819
5. Allen Bari – $211,997
6. Tommy Vedes – $166,272

Source: Steve Ruddock of

Message from the CEO

This week I was reminded of the great Jim Boyd, before I acted I thought of his famous words that saved me;

"I've always had confidence, but I never let my ego get to the point that I think I'm the superstar, because I know. That ego has destroyed many a poker career."

Message from the CEO

Our Top Sit n’ Go Tips and General Strategy

In spirit of our Sit n’ Go Jack Pot’s increasing in value everyday, we figured it’s only appropriate to share some of our tips and strategy to help increase the odds of hitting the Jack Pot!

  • Slightly loose play is correct in the early stages of a sit and go. You can limp in with all sorts of hands when the blinds are REALLY low (first 2 blind levels) to see if you can catch a monster and outplay the fish. After that you should really TIGHTEN UP for two reasons: you don’t want to risk your stack at the beginning of the SNG & You can have a look at your opponents this way.

  • Play aggressive. If you have a decent hand, don’t slow play it in single table tournaments. If you get caught there is no backdoor like in cash game where you can re-buy: in a tournament you’re in or you’re out.

  • Don’t make it hard on yourself – if you think you got the best hand and there is something in the pot up for grabs, than take it. But be careful: most fishes will call all-ins just like they would call normal bets!

  • Around the bubble you should LOOSEN UP: most people are really excited that they are near the prices so they really don’t take risks anymore. As you have learned, always play to the contrary of the other players. So while you were tight as they were loose in the beginning, you should now be loose AND aggressive for they will be tight and passive. Go ahead and bully them around, pull off some semi-bluffs when the time is right. There is another reason why this change of gears is correct: the blind levels are often pretty high now (certainly when it’s a turbo sit and go) and you must therefore play more hands. The gear changing in sit and go’s is way more radical and instant than in cash games. In cash game poker, you change gears to eliminate possible betting and playing patters that opponents may have picked up when you have played your own game for a while. In sit and go’s, however, the changing of gears only serves one primary, proximate cause and that is to adapt to the changed situation.

In Sit and Go’s pot odds, implied odds and other poker mathematical factors are less important especially when you are in an all in situation. Survival, containment and aggression is what counts, odds are for longer term/cash game play. This is why we won’t give you any mathematical sit and go tips but this one: don’t value it as high as in cash games!

Good Luck on that Jack Pot!




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